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China Sucker Rod
Solid Sucker rod 
ETANG could supply sucker rod of following steel grade, including C, K, D, KD, HL, HY and KH. These products are designed and manufactured as per API Spec 11B standard. 
Grade C sucker rod: for light, medium load, corrosion free or slow corrosion environment, shallow to medium depth well, material is carbon or manganese steel.
Grade D sucker rod: made of heat treated premium alloy steel, with high tensile and yield strength, suitable for corrosion free or light corrosive environment.
Grade K and KD sucker rod are with good corrosion resistant performance in H2S, CO2 and NaCl media, superior tensile strength. 
Grade HL and HY sucker rod: Ultra high tensile strength, suitable for deep and large displacement horizontal well. 
Main Technical Specifications: 
Nominal Size
     (mm)Nominal Diameter of the Thread(in)Width for the SpannerLength
5/815.881 5/1622.27/87518
3/419.051 1/1625.41
7/822.231 3/1625.41
125.401 3/833.31 5/16
1 1/828.581 9/1638.11 1/2
Length of the rod: 20, 44, 68, 92, 116 inches
 Mechanical Performance Index
     GradeMin. yield strength  
     MPa(psi)Min. intensity of tension 
      MPa(psi)Max. intensity of tension   
HL793(115000)965(140000)1195(173339)China Sucker Rod

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