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low price Agrotextile
King Top International is committed to creating value on a long-term basis by working with our customers, partners and local communities toward shared goals. Meanwhile, in support of corporate development, we will continue investing in our industrial assets to strengthen and improve our expertise and technology in the growing construction, geo, agro, landscape material markets.
King Top International was established in China under a state-owned construction company. Nevertheless, with foresight and prudent decision-making on strategy, King Top International continues extending and its business lines along the construction chain.
Our 1,000 employees make up a versatile professional team providing one-stop services. Good global supply chain and efficiency allows the company to keep its pricing as low as possible.
King Top now has four shareholding factories in Shandong Province: KTP geo material factory; KTP Nonwoven needle punch factory, CPP big bag factory and Tree watering bag factory. That can be able to consistently provide the best durable quality products available in the agro, geo, landscape and construction industry.
During the past years of operation, our business strategy has focused on high-growth sectors of geo and transport infrastructures. At the moment, King Top International has been the top supplier of projects under construction in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and America, with prospective new markets in Europe.
We faithfully hold that our core values of reliability and innovation are crucial in achieving sustainable growth by balancing the challenges between economic development and environmental protection. With the vision of becoming a world market leader, we practice long-term economic and social responsibility.
King Top International appreciates and greatly values the trust, assistance and cooperation of our clients and partners, both at home and abroad: These add to the strength for our success. We wish to express our sincere thanks for the confidence you have shown in choosing King Top as your ally for win-win cooperation.low price Agrotextile

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