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pipe drain inspection camera
specialize in security & monitoring system

This product is suitable to inspect the pipeline, sewer, air duct, tank, underwater and others dark environment, check the internal cracks, corrosion, weld, plugs and other unusual circumstance. It has been widely used in detection fields such as municipal pipelines, electricity, telecommunications, field investigations and disaster rescue.
Head size: ø23mmX120mm
Sensor size: 1/4 inch
View angle: 105o
Camera power supply: DC 12V
Camera light: 12PCS white LEDs
Total Pixels:  PAL:720X576;
Camera glass material: sapphire glass
Camera shell material: stainless steel
Cable wheelCable size: ø320mmX110(h)
Wire material: fiberglass rod
Fiberglass length: 20m(standard)
Fiberglass diameter: ø5.0mm
Fiberglass color: yellow
Control boxPower supply: 12V
LED adjust
Battery level display
Storage medium: SD card(max 256G)
Digital clock and digital calendar
DVR Total Pixels: 720X576(D1)
Picture snap and movie record
Movie format: MP4
Microphone aduio record
Stereo earphone output
MonitorMonitor size:7inch TFT color monitor
Monitor Total Pixels:800X480
Monitor power supply: DC 12V
OSD language: English
Up, down, left, right adjustable
16:9&4:3 model
BatteryTotal Power: 14W
Charge time: 5hours
Protective voltage: 8.1V
12V 4000MAH Li-ion battery(18650)
Work time:≥260minutes
SuitcaseSize: L480XW415XH200mm
Material: fire board & Aluminum alloy
Empty case weight: 3.4kg
Connection wire1.5 m

1. Warranty: 12 months ( from the customer receive the product )
2. Within the warranty time, damages caused by Non-human factors, including:
    Camera has no image or camera led doesn't work
    Monitor has no image or the image not clear or no signal
    DVR buttons broken or no recording
All the circuit and technique problems of our equipments we promise that we take full responsibility.
3. Within the warranty time, damages caused by artificial factors including:
     Monitor broken by no protection.
     Cable broken by less than 90 degree bending
     Four Needles on the back of camera head broken
    In these situations, customers are responsible for all duties,
    Customers need to pay all repair material cost and shipping cost
1) Once customers find the problem, firstly please take some photos and then send to us by email.
2) After our technicians checking the photos,
  Firstly, we supply:
 machine drawings , cording diagrams, spare parts and technique help
 But in some situation, if the problem can't be solved by customers themselves, customers can send damaged parts back to us.( Cost depends on artificial or non-human factors)
3) Notice: we don't accept freight at destination in any situation.pipe drain inspection camera

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