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High Quality BX6 Welding machine
WORKERS                             50 People
ENGINEERS                            8 People
MAINTAINERS                       10People
COVERS                                 3000 Square meters
1.Our History
Taizhou Jialilai Electromechinal Factory build in year 2008 , specializing production of various kinds of welding equipment , start by individual workshop in Luqiao, Taizhou city. After 3-5 year effort and development.  we are professional in technical and high machine quality.  we development  worldwide business in year 2014,colseing business parter  cooperation  bring us entre fast development.
2. Our Factory
Taizhou Jialilai Electromechinal Factory became more and more professional in self design, manufacture and sales; we have abundant in technical team, nearly 200 skilled workers and advance testing equipments supporting; we have get certification of  ISO9001:2000 , CCC , CE and ROHS etc. To effectively guarantee the quality of the products, provide customers with stable quality of he welding equipments.
3.Our Product
Taizhou Jialilai Electromechinal Factory Products includes the following:
1, ARC inverter welding machine
2, TIG inverter welding machine (GTAW)
3, MIG inverter welding machine
4, Plasma  cutting machine
5, BX1 AC welding machine
6, Battery Charger
4.Product Application
1, ARC inverter welding machine—use electrode stick for steel, stainless steel , nickel alloys and cast iron materials ,Better suited for windy, outdoor conditions ; more forgiving when welding on duty or rusty metal  
2, GTAW (TIG inverter welding machine)–welding for steel, stainless steel , nickel alloys, copper brass and titanium; provides highest quality and most precise welds; Highly aesthetic weld beads ; Alloy adjustment of heat input while welding by use of a remote control .
3, MIG inverter welding machine --- welding for steel, stainless steel , nickel alloys, copper brass and aluminum; with easiest process to learn; High welding speeds possible; Provides better control on thinner metal; cleaner welds possible with no slag to clean ; same equipment can be used for Fluxed-Cored weld .
4, Plasma  cutting machine—Use with any electrically conductive metals ; Small and precise cut; Small heat-affected zone which helps prevent warping or paint damage
6, Battery Charger—charge for various batteries  
5.Our Certificate
CE , ROHS  for welding machine ,CE for Battery Charger High Quality BX6 Welding machine

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